Thursday, February 17, 2011

As Promised....

Ok so I know I said in a post 89 years ago that I was going to do a giveaway but I promise it's not because I've been a's because I couldn't decide what I wanted to give away. So after thinking and thinking and shopping and shopping (I know, such a martyr), I've decided. And the answer is Mandizzle.

I've been lusting over practically everything in Mandizzle's shop for awhile now and I've picked one of my favorite designs to give away - "THE CLOUD." So perfect for summer or to brighten a gloomy day! The flower is ivory with an orangey center fastened to a gray/beige headband that is shiny on the outside and plush on the inside. Oooh la la.

And a bottle of Essie's Fiji color because I can't stop talking about it (here and here). It's amazing - you will love it I swear!


I'm not going to get real fancy here since I'm a giveaway newbie SO to enter you have to be a follower on here (leave a comment below letting me know) and (for fun) leave a comment below telling me something funny. It can be a joke, a story or just something you think is funny. I plan to be laughing a lot tonight!

And since I'm asking you all to share something funny, I'll share something too.
When I worked for my last agency I was emailing a rather important client about some brochure concerns she had. She wanted to make sure it printed a certain way so I emailed her back that "I would instruct the graphic designer how to crap." She emailed me back asking if I meant "crop." Yes, yes I totally did.

Also,I set my own car alarm off getting into my own car this week.....twice. That's not really funny....just incredibly awkward.
I would love to say that tweets gain extra entries but I have no idea how the heck to calculate that. But tweet away dolls- because it will totally make my day! I'll pick a winner (randomly) a week from Friday! Lots of luck!


PS - A big hello to all my new followers. SO glad to have you and can't wait to get a chance and check out each of your blogs!


Diana Mieczan said...

Wow..what a great giveaway:) Something funny? This morning instead of adding milk to my morning coffee I added orange juice because I was too busy reading the newspaper and I didnt look what Im doing...(that happends a lot) hahah
Hugs and kisses, sweetie

Jillian said...

AH! love love the flower! and the nail polish is so pretty :) now for the funny:: what did the bike say to the flower?


and YES, that is a laffy taffy joke.
:) happy almost friday lady! xoxo jcd

megan said...

Duhhh I'm a follower and this video is SURE to make you may even want to use the bathroom before you watch it. It's pee your pants funny.

~k said...

Pretty polish!
Ok, so this 80 yr old guy was in this clothing store where I was. His lady friend was a bit younger and dressed really flamboyantly. She points out a dress and he shuffles over to look at it. Then he tells her, " That dress makes me hot just looking at it. Hoowheee!" I had to turn away and hold my breath to keep from dying with laughter.

Jennifer said...

funny? hmmm.... my husband has a little trick/game he likes to play while shopping with me to ease his boredom. He waits until people are around and then gasps "JENNY GROSS! STOP FARTING!" and walks away to leave me red in the face. He's a dirty liar and I'm so getting him back for the zillion times he's done this!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Young and Fabulous said...

hey girl these are GORGEOUS! I love it! :)

ummmm let me see for funny. Nothing too funny has happened to me lately, minus the fact that I had a temper tantrum over not being able to beat an Angry Birds level!

but I have a lil joke.

An old man was celebrating his birthday at a hotel with friends and they called a stripper. The stripper came to the door and said
"I have a birthday present for you..I'm here to give you super sex."

The old man said "Thanks..I'll take the soup"

teeheee gets me errrrytime <3


Beth said...

I'm a follower...duh!

And here's a joke for you...

How do you wake up Lady Gaga?
Poke her face.

Michelle said...

I'm a follower! YAY! Great giveaway!

I don't have good jokes HAHA but this is a funny pick up line I heard recently. Didn't know pick up lines were still used but anyway...
Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you know i'm a stalker. ;)

something funny...ashley told me this joke when she was super mad about bieber losing to esperanza.

knock knock.
who's there?
esperanza who?

it's pretty bad i know. ;)

Kayla said...

I'm a follower and NEED some hair cuties for spring!

And my funny thing is that my husband and I have gotten into watching the office lately and randomly throughout the day we start talking in "Dwight" saying things like "question" and "fact" while having a conversation about something serious! It's great!

Sam {} said...

oh, oh, oh - pick me!! first of all, i'm a follower, of course. something funny?

There once was a young boy named Nick
Who by chance was always being kicked
He tried not to fight
For he was smart, kind and bright
So he learned how to run really quick

limericks, yay!!!

Rissy said...

I think I am going to do a giveaway soon as well! yahoo for popping that cherry!

Something funny.... hmmm....

Do you know who tucker max is?

Well I emailed him at one point to ask if he was ever coming to DC.

He wrote me back and at some point said "if we F***.."

I wrote back" ahahahahaha that won't be happening"

Then he wrote back "then come to a book signing like everyone else!"

ummm I no longer want to meet you or ask you anything about writing. YIKES WHO SAYS THAT?!

jayme said...

ohh hay honayy!! i love this giveaway! of course i follow, and doy, i follow twitter too! yous mah gurl!

...something funny. let's see here...

i was in this improv class for grad school (it was an elective) and we had this quick q&a to teach you to answer real quick, so the question asked to me was

"whats your favorite dance move when you go out clubbin?"

my answer, in all seriousness in front of a class of 30 adults, was, i kid you not

"drop down and get my eagle on"

so embarrassing! happy thursday! xo

Olivia said...

yay so fun, I am a follower :)

my only reference for funny is FRIENDS :) so watch any episode and youll laugh

Marian said...

Count me in because I totally love me some Mandizzle!!! You know I'm a follower

And something funny...picturing me trying to do the jump kick in my body combat class. HOT. MESS. I am not coordinated enough to pull it off just yet:)

Anonymous said...

i'm a follower! looove that nailpolish.

something funny? um.. - i love the notes kids write to their parents.

a life of color said...

I love love love your giveaway choices!!! And of course I am a follower.

Because you just moved to Atlanta I am going to share a funny video with you pertaining to the suburbs..or "burbs" of atlanta.


silvia Navarro said...

you´re so cute....
beautiful blog!!

Megan said...

I'm a follower! Love this giveaway!!

What is Snoop Dogg's favorite weather?


Haha. : )

Mimi said...

Wow! These are cool! I actually wanted to let you kknow that I passed along a blogging award to you....please come check it out and spread the love!

Blog Award at Aesthetic Lounge

Ashley said...

Some pretty random and funny stuff happens to me on almost a daily basis...but a moment that trumps all, I think, is this one.

Some friends and I went to the Kentucky Derby a few years ago and afterwards decided to go out to some of the bars. I like to dance a lot and my friends like to dare me to dance with random people. Most of the time, I take them up on it and this night was no different. There was a black girl dancing and booooy was she gettin' down. They dared me to go dance with her...I did. We were shakin' it and I must've been getting a little too fancy, because at one point, my pants ripped. And when I say ripped, I mean a whole butt cheek was hanging out. They ripped from the top of the pocket to almost the back of my knee. It doesn't sound possible, but trust me, it is. I had to spend the rest of the night sitting in a booth with a friend's jacket wrapped around my waist. :)

Don't ever take me out in public.

Michaela said...

Such a great giveaway girllll. I'm obsessed with flowers and nail polish. Which reminds me I need to paint my nails right now for my trip tomorrow. To Disneyland. If I don't see Belle I will cry.

Here's something ridiculous:
I've been using tissue instead of toilet paper for the past week because my roommates won't buy any. I bought it last time and I'm being stubborn. I'm on my last box of tissues....this could be an issue. That sorta rhymed (:

Also, to count tweets you just make people leave another comment...then when you put the numbers in, they technically gave themselves 2 chances to win since they have 2 separate comments (:

Tiffany said...

I'm a new follower....and this is such a great giveaway!

Something first day at work, I parked in the garage and went in. When I came back out that night, I couldn't find my car. I twas gone. I was in a panic knowing I had been towed or it had been stolen. I was like 2 steps from my boss' office where I was going to tell him and I realized....there were two levels to the stinkin' parking garage. Crisis averted. :)


Madeline... said...

Um YES! I will gladly become a follower to this new-to-me-blog :) Love it. I just started running last year...first half marathon coming up in June...AH! To me, that's funny enough on it's own...haha. Running has never been my thing. But anyway, ummmm, but in reality, these pictures will/should crack you up...

<3 Maddie at

Lindsay said...

I'm a follower :) Would love to try that nail polish...I've never used essie before (I'm an OPI girl).

Something funny....tonight my husband was exhausted when he got home from work. When he sat down next to me on the couch he said "can we please watch Jersey Shore? I'm going to bed soon and I want to make sure we at least watch something good."

Yup, my husband thinks Jersey Shore is quality television :)

david-and-emily said...

love this giveaway! Great choice :)
And something funny...or perhaps interesting...
I am related to the Ringling Brothers growing up we went to the Circus a ton for free, knew all the clowns, and got to train with them. I knew all kinds of clown tricks.
Weird? Yes. Funny? Also yes.

Nuha said...

ooh, I love it!! hmmmm okay something funny

funny: can I remind you about my neighbors with the big dog?

Simply Sara said...

I am a Follower!!


Simply Sara said...

I have 2 funny things for you!!!

First: I almost hit a groundhog on the interstate this morning, I had to swerve to miss it!

Second: I did a giveaway and only one person participated, LOL, that's funny, but in a sad kind of way...hehe....

Anonymous said...

I love these flowers!! Gorgeous giveaway :) I'm a follower!

A joke for you...

How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

Poker Face!

jessica said...

love this giveaway!! and i'm a follower of course!!

funny joke courtesy of laffy taffy:
where does a penguin keep his money?

in a snow bank! haha : )

have a great weekend!!

Stefany said...

Aw i love this giveaway! and hmm something funny? well apparently this morning i was sleep talking and yelled out "It's T-shirt tiiiime" Obviously I have been watching too much Jersey Shore. :)

Chelsea said...

I'm a follower!

Something funny...

Kelsey said...

I'm a follower :)

My joke:
Two snowmen are standing in a field. One says to the other : "Funny, I smell carrots too".

haha get it? Hope I win! xo, Kels

angel glover. said...

I finally thought of something funny! So Saturday Kate (martin), Anni, a few other people, and I went to see the bieber movie. At the end of the movie, justin was shirtless. As you can probably imagine - my heart was throbbing. ;) But anni..... as soon as that picture came up, yells
'SEXY BEAST!!!!!!'
followed by our friend Reilly saying....
I was only a little embarrassed....... Well i hope that made you laugh and wasn't one of those had-to-be there jokes. Love you and i'm pretty sure you know how much i stalk your blog :)

Yours Truly said...

What a fun giveaway!! I have NEVER tried that brand of nail polish..but I know I need to!!