Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Blog Rocks

I've been SLAMMED at work today - training my replacement who's name also happens to be Ashley (everyone in the office is calling her Ashley Jr. because that's not awkward at all-I feel so bad!). So that's the reason why I was lame today and didn't blog. But I had to take a quick minute to particpate in Megan's "This Blog Rocks" Feature.

I have to say The Alternative Wife is a blog I just happened upon but it is one of my daily reads - and should be one of yours too. I love her because she's not wordy and also because her pictures are SO beautiful and inspiring. Every time I look at her blog, it makes me want to throw on my sheerest, lacy dress and spin around in fields of flowers and butterflies. Seriously, love.

Who's blog rocks your life? Link up with Macky Madness! 


Megan said...

Awww, thanks so much for linking up! I have never heard of the blog you wrote about, so I'm heading to check them out now!

Hope your week slows down some!

Lisa said...

Great suggestion---I checked out that blog, and can tell already that I'll like it!

Rissy said...

aww thats great! I will have to check her out when I have my coffee and a little more energy!