Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I can’t afford a Ferrari, But that don’t mean I can’t get you there

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream- Author Unknown. 

I like pictures of empty roads. I don’t know why – I just always have. Some days I look and see a fresh slate with lots of promise and a bright future. And some days when I’m feeling a little lonely, I feel those roads reflect what I’m feeling inside. Mostly I like it because I have a love affair with running and open road is such an invitation to hit the pavement with nothing but time to think and pray and open air to breathe in.

This week has been has been pretty stressful with a lot of new things going on. I can’t share anything just yet but hope to be able to soon. My world is going a little crazy lately!

I'm headed to the ATL for the day but I leave you with this - which I am in love with. Sometimes a song says it best. I've been singing this so much I'm pretty sure me and Gwyneth could pull off an awesome duet! :) 

Hope everyone's weekends are perfection!
PS - Thanks so much for all your support on the "no sugar" post. Talk about a support team?! Three days and going strong! :)


Caroline Henley said...

ummmmmmm OBSESSED with that song! that whole episode was just amazing... the Singing in the Rain / Umbrella mash-up is one of my all time favorites!

glad the no sugar is going so well for you! have a happy weekend!

Katelyn said...

Hope everything is okay with you! Have a great weekend :)

Kelly said...

Such a fun song! And Gwen is coming back to Glee. I hear she may be a love interest for one vest-wearing

Michaela said...

Love this song and love glee and LOVE you! (:

Katie said...

Totally agree about the open road. There's something special about it. Maybe I'll actually like it more when I can really drive it...