Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll Miss....

Even though I am utterly bubbling with excitment over my new job in Atlanta, there are undoubtedly things I will miss about my current home.
(Bear with me, I promise all the "I'm moving" posts are almost over.)

The Beach
I will be making frequent trips home solely for the purpose of sun-bathing. Whether it's Hunting Island or Coligny (my favorite) - my hometown is nestled on every side by beaches. And while Atlanta boasts numerous lakes, I learned last summer that it is not nearly as enjoyable as a beach day (nor do you get as tan). I also refuse to actually get in the lake - who knows whats lurking in that murky water? I shudder.

That would be a VERY random gator that washed up onto the beach last summer. I was at the beach when this happened....but you can stop straining your eyes - I'm not in the picture ;)

Hot UPS Guy (you think I'm kidding)
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that "Hot UPS" guy makes quite a few apperances. Geez, I hope he's not secretly following me on there. Dang, that would be awkward!

The Gym and MGE
Though I was a skeptic at first, I've come to LOVE the gym. I sincerely love that part of my daily routine when I drive into the parking lot and know I have a full hour of sweating ahead of me. I've also become friends with one of trainers who I nicknamed MGE. (I nickname everyone; I probably have a nick-name for you too - you just don't know it.)

My Bachelorette Pad
While I do love my new place in Atlanta, I will certainly miss my first "all by myself" home with its wood floors and plush carpet. It is currently being listed on Craigslist and I feel like a mother who's child is being whored out.

This is not my house but how amazing would it be if it was?!  Pink silk couch? Heck yes!
George Clooney
That's right, you read that right. I'll miss George Clooney. Shortly after I started working at the agency, me, Katie and two of our male co-workers played a slew of practical jokes on each other. I'd often find poor Jessica Simpson's head taped to someone else's unfortunate body. One day when I entered the lady's room, I turned around to see this hottie staring back at me.....and George has stayed plastered there ever since. To this day, no one ever confessed to putting George on the door...So Goodbye Mr. Clooney - stay hot.

Many of my posts have revolved about activities I do with this girl. She got a new job just a few weeks before I did which will require her to do a lot of traveling coming up so we wouldn't have been able to see each other as much because of that but it's definitely going to be different not having her to hang out with on a whim.

The Fam
These people I will miss the most....I already know hundreds of miles will be put on my car traveling back and forth to see them....and I've already made Shannon promise she'll come visit me. And thank goodness for unlimited texting.....seriously!

So here's to new adventures while keeping precious memories dear.
One more day!
What's everyone doing for the weekend?


Beth said...

you're gonna have so much fun in Atlanta. but yeah, the lakes are the same as the beaches. but you can be on a boat at the lake and not get all sandy. that's perk numero uno! good luck with everything.

p.s. i wish our UPS and FedEx man were hot. sadly one has spiky hair and braces and the other has a mullet of sorts.

Lacey in the City said...

Eeeek isn't moving exciting/scary/exhilirating!? Good luck, girl. You'll take the ATL by storm and you'll feel at home in no time. xoxo

Katelyn said...

I can completely sympathize with you on this topic! Moving is hard & scary, but it's so fun & exciting too :) At least you aren't too far away from home to go visit pretty often! That's always a plus!!

megan said...

It's definitely going to be hard at first but you'll find a new routine and will probably see your friends and family more than you expect! :)
PS - I want to know my nickname. "Blog Megan?" haha
PPS - I wish I had a hot UPS guy..maybe that would convince me to put on makeup in the morning..

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

have SO SO much fun in Atlanta and enjoy your move! im curious to see how you like the city. my boyfriend is considering ATL for his fellowship in 2years... we'll see! xoxo jcd

Diana Mieczan said...

Have fun with your move, sweetie..I bet you will have so much fun there and I love your family photo...So sweet! Hugs and kisses

jayme said...

i can't wait to read the post about the things you'll miss about atlanta when you visit your home! moving is going to be super exciting..i secretly wish i could buck up and move away somewhere awesome! but i do love my kentucky so i guess i'm stuck! :)

jayme said...

ps - i totally wanna know my nickname too! haha

Laura Bear said...

Oo exciting/nerve wrecking/happy/sad. I bet you have a slew of emotions right now.
It will be amazing. How exciting!

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

ahhh I am so excited for you! so brave of you to move to a new city! I'm sure you are going to love it and you can always take vacations to come back and visit your UPS guy :)

jessica // union shore said...

good luck with the move!! xo

Rissy said...

when I loved on in Bluffton I went to the beach 3 times I think lol... I did not take advantage.

There must be a lot of hot UPS guys in the world...

Oh and I totally thought that was your apartment and almost died haha

Sam W. said...

i love the george clooney pic!! hilarious. i'm excited to hear about your new adventures with the move.

Emily said...

I am so jealous! I would looove to live in Atlanta. It's a favorite city of mine. I would miss the beach too... You'll find new things to love in Atlanta of course. :)

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ah girl! A change will do you good!!! Don't worry you'll love it I'm sure of it! :)

P.S: I think you'd love the "I {heart} MY BLOG" tote that I'm giving away!!!

Ashley said...

awwww, memories are the best! you will make soooo many more in ATL. whats you name on twitter??

Megan said...

Awwww, this post is so adorable! Definitely lots of things to miss, but hopefully you will find some new things to love!!

Kristen said...

I had this same feeling when I moved to RI almost 4 years ago. I left my home town and family. And I still miss the same things all the time! Luckily, you can always go back, and most things (maybe not the hot UPS guy, ha!) will be there!!

*Trisha* said...

I saw that photo of the living room with the pink couch and was like, "No way! That place looks so chic (and not to mention spendy)!"

Congratulations on the new job! That's great that you can make trips home too (:

This is such an exciting time in your life. Wishing you the best!



Such great things to remember and cherish! But on your new journey you will find a new set of things you will love...wishing you the best on your new life chapter!

Unknown said...

SOOOO exciting! You're going to looooove Atlanta (: great things ahead for you ashley xoxo