Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Fades into 2011

Happy Monday! I say that with completely fake enthusiasm as I am having the hardest time saying goodbye to the holidays and facing....."routine" again. Eeek. I shudder at the thought. So before I face all the work emails and the post-Christmas cleaning and, oh yeah those resolutions that were supposed to start three days ago, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my New Years Eve and revel in my holidays one last time.

Stopped off at my parents on my way out of town: Me and Dad 

Kristin and I went to Charleston for the weekend and grabbed a late dinner at Taco Boy. This place is a popular Charleston hot-spot and it's not hard to see why. It's multi-colored glass globes hanging from the ceiling and permanently-strung, old-fashioned bulb Christmas lights create the perfect, whimsical setting. And their fresh Mexican food is to die for! Seriously.

Amazingly enough, I happened to find the four people in the entire world who didn't know how to take a picture! You know you're in trouble when they try "looking through" the digital screen. Yikes! Sadly, these are the best two pictures from the night...told ya, I found the worst pictures takers ever!

Taco Boy

After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening at the Vendue Rooftop where we rung in the New Year watching fireworks on the Charleston skyline. Oh, and all the cute, sparkly dresses I blogged about? Totally got nixed when I learned of our rooftop plans - Hence the jean ensem. Since I was still doing battle with the world's worst cold ever known, I chose warmth and health over freezing and possible death....Luckily there were plenty of heaters and tons of coffee and I found the perfect bag with just enough room for an entire Kleenex box in the bottom. Sexxxxy!


Soooo, anyone else out there having a case of the mondays? If so, how are you getting through it? I'm hoping some time spent at the gym will get me psyched geared up (let's be honest!) for the rest of the week!


Young and Fabulous said...

having THE WORST case of the Mondays. Just want to crawl back into bed and never come out but I sit here at work..wahh! It'll pick up soon though my love! By Wednesday, hopefully we should be back into our routines!

xoxo Happy New Year!

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

I've been totally MIA the past few weeks with the holidays being in full swing! I was definitely NOT ready to come back to work today... I think I hit the snooze button like 7 times!

Glad you had a good holiday break! :)

Sam W. said...

i agree that the gym is the way to get through it. and coffee :)

andy & lo said...

oh. my. goodness.
i have the mondays SO bad.
work starts up tomorrow (i work at a school),
and all i can think aabout is
goodddbbyeee free time.
and yes, hello gym.

Marian said...

New follower...and totally know what you mean with a major case of the Mondays....especially since the husband had today off. Though I have tons to get done today and am keeping busy at work, I keep looking at the clock and the minutes are going by in slow-motion. I asked for a pause button in life...but for the good things in life:)

jessica // union shore said...

you still looked totally fab!! i also had to nix the cute dress for jeans, since it was freezing and i wasn't feeling so great either... oh well, what can you do? lol.. and i also need to get to the gym, but don't know if i even feel like doing that...

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Monday is kicking my butt! But i'm getting stuff done... just not everything I had hoped to get accomplished b/c obv i'm blogging instead of at spinning class! Whoops!

Hope we both get back into our routines soon =) I miss being productive! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Caroline said...

I was off 2 weeks in December so I am really having a hard time getting back int he swing of things. Is it Friday?

Happy New Year!

Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

I feel the exact same way you do, dreading going back to work and the routine of "life". I'm having my tall americano from Starbucks and reading through my favorite blogs...yours included :)Then I'm off for a long run, that always helps me clear my mind.

Mandy said...

Taco Boy sounds great!

Cute blog too - I can't wait to catch up on everything I've missed.

Unknown said...

ohhh the mondays... they can be quite the kill joy. we're almost to tuesday (: yay!

you look absolutely gorgeous with your dad and i'm soo jealous of your trip to charleston. never been. dying to go. i will have to check out the restaurant whenever i eventuallllly get there.

LifeasKristina said...

I am def having the Mondays-ughhhhhh! Looks like you had a great holiday (which of course makes it even harder to let it go!)

Ashley said...

Case of the Monday's right here! ugh..however The Bachelor had me excited all day! You should DVR PLL...I think you would LOVE it!

Lynzy said...

Awwww I hate Mondays, although I had today off which made it MUCH easier ;)

xo Lynzy

Megan said...

I have been having a case of the Monday's ever since Christmas day! Haha! I don't want the holiday fun and family time to end!

You look gorgeous with your dad!

Michelle Schraudner said...

That's too bad your photos turned out blurry, but you still looked great!!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Me too me too! But sadly Tuesday is not much better than Monday either! :)

P.S: I'm giving away a 2011 Fashion Tote with MiuMiu, Chanel... etc illustration... I thought you might be interested! ;)