Monday, December 20, 2010

The Year of the 5K and Bangs

I just started running races the very end of last year but ever since my first one I've been hooked. This year I've definitely run my share of 5ks and I'm excited about bumping up the distance on my races next year.

Saturday Shannon and I ran in the Jingle Jingle 5K which benefited our local hospital. For once, the weather man was right with his forecast of 80% chance of rain and 40 degree temperatures. Yikes! We were loaded up with puffer vests and rain coats as we drove through a mini-monsoon to the race site. I was ready to bail, but Shannon wanted to keep going. I'm so glad we did because the skies turned off just long enough for us to run.

As we drove home from the race, Shannon said she was considering having bangs cut in. Ever since I saw Taylor Swift's chic fringe at the AMA's I have been all about some bangs....I'm just too chicken to actually go for it. (I had a very traumatic bang/mullet deal going on when I was 12....scarred for life!)

As I was getting ready to head out of town post race, I got a text from Shannon that said "I now have bangs." What?! I figured she had just cut in some side-swept ones - those are easy enough to manage on your own. It wasn't until I saw the pictures from her weekend in Charlotte that I realized she had managed to cut (straight) full-on bangs. I am so impressed..
My sis and her bestie, Heather 

Also, please love the fantastic "Grinchy Green" mani she is sporting....I bought this shade a couple weeks ago and we've both been loving it since. It's real name is "Rise and Shine" but that sounds more like a name that belongs on a yellow we changed its name to "Grinchy Green." Much more fitting.

So ever since I saw Shannon's saucy new bangs, I'm so tempted to dash into my salon for a chic new cut....Eek-I'm still so nervous! Anyone else contemplating a "new look?!"


Caroline Henley said...

I did bangs for a while! I liked the way they looked, but they were so much up keep that I ended up letting them grow out. I say go for it, you may end up hating it, but at least you tried! Maybe wait until after new years... that way if they are a bust you wont have all your Christmas/New Years photos with them! :)

Caroline said...

Her bangs and mani look so cute!!! I have bangs, but they are side swipped bangs. I love them. I can pull them back with a cute headband too. Are you thinking of doing it?

TupeloLove said...

Girl, do it! You can pull it off!

And btw way, Heather is my neighbor. Small world, huh?? Love your sister's bangers!!

Meredith said...

it's pics like these that make me want to get bangs again. but then i remember how bad i look with them. and how i like being able to put all my hair up without too many bobby pins. but still, bangs rock! soooo tempting!

{av} said...

yay for 5ks! I totally feel you on the bangs dilemma...if I didn't have crazy curly hair and also didn't have a mullet as a child...I might try them too ;) I'd say go for it though, you can always grow them back! xoxo {av}

Katie Rush said...

I've been contemplating bangs for.ever! bah....I just don't know. She wears 'em well though! :)

iheartkiwi said...

I got bangs last Christmas and I am totally going to do it again!

It's such a fun and not too drastic way to change your look. And they made me feel so chic!

Anonymous said...

I had bangs for a really long time, but I got tired of the up keep. They can definitely look great, though!

Katie said...

Pretty sure y'all are the babeliest sisters ever and I've seen pictures of your beautiful mama. You got some good genes, girl. Also I wish I could do the bangs but I have some funky hair issues that I'm pretty sure would totally revolt if I attempted it plus I have a small forehead and it'd look bizarre