Monday, December 13, 2010

A Weekend Wrap

Well, races have been run, tapas have been noshed and Monday is here again. Normally, Monday is such a buzzkill but it's ok today because there's just a few more days until Christmas and a mini-break from work!

As I noted here, I went to Atlanta for the weekend....It started off bright and early  Saturday for the Jingle Jog (and by "bright and early" I mean not bright at all just super, 2 hours before the sun even dared to show its face early)!

If you can't tell by the looks on our faces, it was EARLY!

Gorgeous day in ATL

How much do you love Lacey's sassy socks.

When Saturday morning hit (and I'm assuming a few Friday night hangovers set in) our running party shrank some. Plus, in the throngs of other runners, children and enough dogs to assume the local pound was set free, it was a little difficult to meet up with some people.

Our group post-race 

On our way home from the race, we spotted this house and I made our driver pull over so I could snap some me...these pictures do not even do this ridiculous-ness justice.
Holiday Cheer Overload 

We hosted a brunch after the run...breakfast casserole (this stuff was the BOMB), fruit platter, blueberry, chocolate chip and banana nut muffins, cinnamon rolls, a hot chocolate & toppings bar and puppy chow (becasue, let's be honest, what holiday party is complete without some p-chow?)

Saturday ended with a Girls' Night. We went shopping at the magnificent Lenox Square mall. I die nearly every time I go there. This mall is Glamour magazine come to life. It's pretty amazeballs. I think girl's dress up more to go to this mall than for a date....the rolled-out-of-bed-soffe-short-and-bed-hair look just doesn't fly here. We had a blast testing out funky shades of shadows and nail polish at Sephora, trying on fru-fru frocks at French Connection and loving the heck out of some sweater sales at The Limited.  
Getting ready for a night out with the girls

Me and Lacey enjoying the magical world of Sephora

The beautiful drive home through the city....listening to Christmas musc. It was the best.

How was everyone's weekend? What fun things did you do? I want to know!


Caroline Henley said...

I am so glad you had such a fun weekend and that the race went well! I have been reading over your blog and it's ridiculous how much we have in common! :)

Anonymous said...

Proof that decorations really can be taken WAY TOO FAR...

Michaela said...

So glad you enjoyed the race. You're right-- that houses is super ridiculous! I love your over the knee boots (:

JMay said...

You are totally motivating me to do more running races :-)

Jen said...

Oh wow, look at the house with all the decorations... they sure have the Christmas spirit!! ;-)

{av} said...

Congrats on the race--I always struggle once it gets chilly outside! Sounds like you had a fun weekend :) mine was too--no complaints! Enjoy your week :) xoxo {av}

TupeloLove said...

You seriously inspire me to get my rear in gear with running. And you also inspire me to use amazeballs in every day vernacular! Still need to do that. :) Love your boots, by the way!

Katie said...

This makes me miss Atlanta like bunches and I was barely there. It also kind of makes me excited for Christmas. We need to be able to bake christmas cookies together and watch While You Were Sleeping and drive around looking at Christmas lights & listening to Christmas music and visits to Santa....enough said.