Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On to New Years.....

Sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog dolls. I was stricken by deathly sickness on Christmas (and by that I mean I got a cold). I was feeling a little coughy on Friday and no sooner had I opened my mouth to say that my superior immune system had kicked this cold’s booty did I go downhill – FAST! Anyway, I’m currently back to work – chugging down the Dayquil and warning everyone who gets 10 feet from my office that if they value breathing through their nose at all, they might not want to come in.

Christmas at our house was fabulous. From the Christmas Eve party at my parents to Christmas day spent watching movies and eating way too much chocolate to our annual full day of post-Christmas shopping in Charleston yesterday, it was perfect. I’ve been catching up on blogs all weekend and reading all the awesome gifts exchanged and activities everyone’s been up to. I’m so glad not everyone was a blog slacker like me – it’s kept me very entertained! I love reading about other people’s holiday traditions. Below are some pics from my holiday.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning
Shrimp for the Lowcountry Boil

Oreo Truffles that Shannon made - A recipe we totally stole from Molly's Blog. Yum!

Can you say, date with the gym later?!

Me & my mom on Christmas

We have a hard time being serious in my family

The Famo

Shannon, Dad & Me

Goofing off at Grandmas

Sorry…There were no pictures taken from the Charleston trip because, I basically looked like death and no one wants to see that. Tell me about your Christmas! What’s everyone doing for New Years Eve?!


Ashley said...

Your family is adorable! I love the pictures and it sounds like you guys ate a lot of yummy dishes over the holidays. Girl, I am with you with a date with the gym..TOO much eating!!!

As for New Years...we are hosting a party at our house for the event! Trying not to spend a lot of money out and about in downtown!

Unknown said...

Your family is sooo cute!

I wanna have a low country boil for Christmas.


Ashley said...

WOW! All of that food looks sooo good! Especially the shrimp! Yum! You have such a cute family! And, I love those boots!

andy & lo said...

oh gosh.
i guess the "Deadly sickness" is contagious through blogs!
hello cold :(
my gym date will just have to wait. haha
all that food looks sooo delicious!

Sam W. said...

ummm, helloooo yummy truffles!!!

Mariel Torres said...

oh those truffles look absolutely divine!

Dee Paulino said...

First of all, you look beautiful in all the pictures!! && Secondly,I love your boots!

Beth said...

that food looks super delish!

Rosie said...

Just came across your blog and I love it..."Run With Me" is what caught my eye, you see I'm a fellow runner as well...I love that you post all of your progress. Stop by my blog and feel free to follow if you enjoy it.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

loooved your pics, friend! you look lovely as always - and you all looked liked you had a good time. and yes all that food - yum!

p.s. hope you feel better! i was sick on chrstmas day - all day, blah. no fun.

TupeloLove said...

Oreo truffles are "amazeballs"!! So glad you guys gave them a try - hope they didn't disappoint!! You and your sissy are seriously like supermodels, please tell me you regularly do commercials for Revlon or something, because you should. Glad to see you had a great Xmas (despite being sick).

Sarah said...

Gorgeous family! Looks like you had a wonderful christmas!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow girl! you have SUCH a beautiful family!! and the food looked soo good!!

Fit With Flash said...

cute fam! your sister kind of looks like Lea Michele! And that food kind of looks like heaven ; )

Marian said...

My sister made oreo truffles as well and I just couldn't stop eating them. I told myself the faster they were the gone, the sooner I would stop.