Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Most Non-Christmas Post Ever

So i was really racking my brain all last night and this morning on my way in to work on a post for today - i wanted something warm and fuzzy to make you feel all Christmas-y inside. But, I got nothing. I have no exquisite Christmas cookies that look like they came out of Martha Stewart Living to show you, no jazzy Christmas party to take self-cell-phone pictures of and show off my blingy sequin dress and no prettilly-wrapped presents to display. (However, while I can make a killer wire-ribbon bow, I was lazy this year and went with the peel-and-sticks....the kind that get all smushed in the bag so when you hand over your gift you make an excuse similar to "sorry about the bow - it was all pretty in the car...and then Jimmy sat on it.")

So while I was going back and forth between a post about my favorite Christmas songs (because that's thrilling) and a 50-question myspace quiz about Christmas traditions like whether I send out Christmas cards or hang a Christmas flag on my porch (again, so gripping), I decided I'd just leave you with 7 random thoughts from this week.

1. Our UPS delivery guy is insanely hot….and every time he comes around, I have an insatiable urge to do the “bend and snap

2. I realized after searching through 3 work notebooks for something, that I have the handwriting of a 3rd grade boy practicing to become a doctor. God bless you if you can decipher it.

3. As I was pulling my coffee-table-size suitcase, trash-can size cosmetic bag and equally large shoe bag up the stairs from my one-night stayover in Columbia, I realized, I will overpack for every single occasion. You will just have to love me through it.

4. People tell me all the time I'm tall. I mean, duh. Please also ask if I played basketball growing up or if I ever modeled. (I swear, despite the nature of this thought, I'm not a brat in real life).

5. I realize I'm 25 but I daily wonder if it's inappropriate to have Matt Lanter as my desktop wallpaper?!

6. I’m currently in the market for a 5th grader to accompany me to work. I hate percents. I am horrible at them and I use them pretty much daily.

7. I learned how to make bagged mashed potatoes this week and definitely counted them when I told someone the next day I had cooked for dinner. Yeah, that just happened.

If you endured reading this, God bless you – I’m crossing my fingers Santa brings me some creativity for Christmas! :)


Ashley said...

LOL. Cute post! I too have days where I have nothing interesting to write about, but I want to post something! Thank you for following my blog as well! Ashley ;) popular name!

Tatum-LeTard said...

I love this post!!! You sound like me going from bows to "I don't care" on the presents this year. You are even ahead of me though... I haven't done anything Christmas related (awful, I know). And the bend and snap... hilarious! I almost forgot about that :) Have a great holiday!

LAURA!!! said...

haha love this. Sounds very very familiar. Although I would love to know more about this "bend and snap"!
Whilst I am happily married, I still appreciate a hot ups man, and the hubster is well aware of this fact :)

Ahn said...

LOVE that picture.

MJ said...

Haha! Great list :) I love that you want to bend and snap, nothing wrong with that!!

I'm a new follower. Happy Holidays!!

Lindsay said...

That one about being tall made my day! I'm about 5'10, and while I actually DID play basketball somehow I always seem to get asked if I played volleyball...I wonder if these questions will ever end? Maybe when I'm 50. said...

you are hilarious. bend and snap! hahaha. and the doctor handwriting comment made me crack up- i make fun of JJ for that all the time. even when i know what it says. :) so funny!

Punctuation Mark said...

very funny... especially the item about the UPS guy... have a nice one!

Michelle said...

Do the bend and snap! Totally do it!!