Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Most Non-Christmas Post Ever

So i was really racking my brain all last night and this morning on my way in to work on a post for today - i wanted something warm and fuzzy to make you feel all Christmas-y inside. But, I got nothing. I have no exquisite Christmas cookies that look like they came out of Martha Stewart Living to show you, no jazzy Christmas party to take self-cell-phone pictures of and show off my blingy sequin dress and no prettilly-wrapped presents to display. (However, while I can make a killer wire-ribbon bow, I was lazy this year and went with the peel-and-sticks....the kind that get all smushed in the bag so when you hand over your gift you make an excuse similar to "sorry about the bow - it was all pretty in the car...and then Jimmy sat on it.")

So while I was going back and forth between a post about my favorite Christmas songs (because that's thrilling) and a 50-question myspace quiz about Christmas traditions like whether I send out Christmas cards or hang a Christmas flag on my porch (again, so gripping), I decided I'd just leave you with 7 random thoughts from this week.

1. Our UPS delivery guy is insanely hot….and every time he comes around, I have an insatiable urge to do the “bend and snap

2. I realized after searching through 3 work notebooks for something, that I have the handwriting of a 3rd grade boy practicing to become a doctor. God bless you if you can decipher it.

3. As I was pulling my coffee-table-size suitcase, trash-can size cosmetic bag and equally large shoe bag up the stairs from my one-night stayover in Columbia, I realized, I will overpack for every single occasion. You will just have to love me through it.

4. People tell me all the time I'm tall. I mean, duh. Please also ask if I played basketball growing up or if I ever modeled. (I swear, despite the nature of this thought, I'm not a brat in real life).

5. I realize I'm 25 but I daily wonder if it's inappropriate to have Matt Lanter as my desktop wallpaper?!

6. I’m currently in the market for a 5th grader to accompany me to work. I hate percents. I am horrible at them and I use them pretty much daily.

7. I learned how to make bagged mashed potatoes this week and definitely counted them when I told someone the next day I had cooked for dinner. Yeah, that just happened.

If you endured reading this, God bless you – I’m crossing my fingers Santa brings me some creativity for Christmas! :)


Ashley said...

LOL. Cute post! I too have days where I have nothing interesting to write about, but I want to post something! Thank you for following my blog as well! Ashley ;) popular name!

Tatum-LeTard said...

I love this post!!! You sound like me going from bows to "I don't care" on the presents this year. You are even ahead of me though... I haven't done anything Christmas related (awful, I know). And the bend and snap... hilarious! I almost forgot about that :) Have a great holiday!

LAURA!!! said...

haha love this. Sounds very very familiar. Although I would love to know more about this "bend and snap"!
Whilst I am happily married, I still appreciate a hot ups man, and the hubster is well aware of this fact :)

Ahn said...

LOVE that picture.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Great list :) I love that you want to bend and snap, nothing wrong with that!!

I'm a new follower. Happy Holidays!!

Lindsay said...

That one about being tall made my day! I'm about 5'10, and while I actually DID play basketball somehow I always seem to get asked if I played volleyball...I wonder if these questions will ever end? Maybe when I'm 50.

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. bend and snap! hahaha. and the doctor handwriting comment made me crack up- i make fun of JJ for that all the time. even when i know what it says. :) so funny!

Punctuation Mark said...

very funny... especially the item about the UPS guy... have a nice one!

Michelle said...

Do the bend and snap! Totally do it!!