Friday, December 10, 2010

A Miracle Happened......Friday Came.

Whew - It's been a long week! I'm so excited for this weekend! For one, I'm headed to the greatest city in the world (some of you may know it better as "Atlanta" but its proper name is the Greatest City in the case you didnt' know). I'm also excited because I will be doing one of my favorite, not shopping....guess again! I'll be running a 5K with 15 of my Atlantan friends.

After we Jingle Jog it out, my grilfriend is hosting a brunch for everyone and then we'll be ditching the guys to immerse ourselves in all things girl! Our plan is to spend hours at the mall and then glam it up for a shi-shi night on the town...noshing on mini foods like shrimp ceviche, duck confit and mussels diablo. Of course we'll end the night with a slumber party where I'm sure things like Twilight and Cluelss-viewing, nail-painting and way too much dessert will happen.

This Weekend's Cast of Characters=Too.Much.Fun  - especially that girl on the end ;)
What are your weekends looking like? Any fun plans, trips or Christmas festivities? Do share the details!


Unknown said...

what a fun weekend planned! good luck on the 5k!!!

Laura Bear said...

Sounds Awesome! Happy Friday! xo

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

your blog is really cute! good luck in your 5K this weekend and have fun in Atlanta!

thank goodness it's the weekend! :)