Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking forward to.....

Alright lovelies....just two days until THE BIG DAY. Is everyone ready? What is the ONE thing you're looking most forward to?

I think I'm most excited about having some days off to just relax! But there's lots of other things I'm really excited about. Apparently I'm all about lists this week so, here we go:

#1 Time off work - As I just stated, I'm really excited about this. Can you say "sleeping in." and "pajama day?" I think yes.

 #2 My mom's cooking. Typically I'm a bit of a health-nut. Though I do have a sweet tooth, I'm an avid label reader and you will hardly ever find legitimate "junk food" in my house. But my mom has some skillllllz in the kitchen so I'm going to try to forget relax about all the potential not-so-good-for-you ingredients in all this Christmas goodness and indulge....for just a day!

#3 A long Christmas Eve run (so I can actually accomplish #2)

#4 Christmas Eve Party - Christmas Eve is a big deal at my house. My parents always have friends from the church come over for dinner. The dining room table is covered in dips and cookies of every kind - all surrounding a honey ham or Lowcountry Boil - whatever we happen to be having that year. And of course there's the anticipation of the Christmas the next morning. Who still gets excited about the main event?

#5 Christmas Story - No, not the kind with leg lamps and red ryder bb guns that plays on TBS every year...I've actually never seen that one (I know, Unamerican!).My dad always reads THE Christmas story at some point on Christmas Day and its nice to put away the new toys and fanciful things and remember why we really have Christmas at all!

#6 The day after Christmas (or in the case of this year, two days after Christmas) - It's been our annual tradition since my sister and I were in our single-digit years to go shopping with our mom the day after Christmas. I think she'll agree that it's way more fun now that we're older and our first stop isn't Toys R Us. We always look forward to a full day of crazy shopping and lunching somewhere fun. In our younger years - we'd start in Savannah and make our way to Bluffton and then Hilton Head - that's right - three cities! We're hardcore like that. These days we prefer the shopping options that Charleston has to offer a bit more.

#7 Time with these guys. And, no I'm not just saying that because I'm supposed to. We're all pretty much BFFs in our family so I actually do enjoy hanging out with them. We laugh a lot.

So only TWO more days! Who's excited?
Happy (almost) Christmas!

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