Friday, December 10, 2010

Light it Up

It seems that everyone is busting out the Christmas decorations finally....dozens of blog posts on spectacular shimmery trees...some with sentimental ornaments, others jazzed out in flashy colors or even photos.

I would show you pictures of my own tree but it is currently leaning to the far left under the weight of its new shiny gold star as well as a couple collisions with my runaway yoga ball.

So instead I'll leave you with some pine-fresh eye candy! Happy weekend dolls!
This tree.....Only Country Living!

If I could live in an all-white home accented with silver and gold, I so would. This dining room blows my mind!

This one is so traditional but I love it. Who wants to curl up and take a nap on that sofa besides me?

Can't you just imagine Santa zooming out of that fireplace (minus the fire!)?

I'm loving "non-traditional" trees this year...oh, and I'll take that cute fuzzy under the tree too!

I imagine Blaire and Serena walking through the doors at any minute to this tree.

Hello most amazing Christmas Family Room ever! That tree is pure spice! I love it! 


Michaela said...

Love all these pictures! The turquoise room is so fun and you're right, that last image is definitely amazing!! ahhh the fireplace (:

Pretty Lil Birdie said...

Love the decors Ashley! Esp the one with the fireplace. Very traditional and cosy. Which one are you going for? =)

ag. said...

Love these...gets me in the festive mood! I love the more traditional one..which kind of surprises me but it's just so gorgeous and inviting!

Jenni said...

Eye candy, for sure!! I adoooore the third one.

Ca-uute blog!! New follower here!! :)

{av} said...

what beautiful shots! I love the variety--and the turquoise room is such a fun twist on tradition :) happy to have stumbled on your blog! xoxo {av}

nicole ...given said...

oh my gosh yay! dont you love xmas

JMay said...

Love all the different trees!