Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For the Last-Minute-ers

With Christmas just four days away, hopefully most of you don’t have TOO much shopping left, but if you’re still trying decide what to get that one person on your list, check out some of these items.

For the eco-friendly
These cups make great gifts – trust me, some of you may have received them from me ;). World Market carries them in a variety of fun patterns or solids. They work just like a regular java-holder but can be used again and again and are microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

For the humanitarian
I first learned about Kiva through a friend who had received a Kiva gift card as a Christmas gift. Their Website does a much better job of explaining it than I can, but essentially their goal is to alleviate poverty by connecting people through lending across the globe. The lender gets to browse profiles and select which one(s) they’d like to fund –as little as $25. Kiva aggregates the funds from lenders and provides them to these field partners. These partners collect the repayment from Kiva entrepreneurs as well as any interest due and repays to the lender…who can in turn re-lend their funds or withdraw them.

For the fashionista
I don’t know about the rest of you girls, but I LOVE some makeup. I get giddy over crazy color palettes like these – that give you the options to paint your lids in Saved-By-The-Bell-Blue or rainforest green. And considering Sephora shades go for about $16 a pop, this case is such a steal at just $30!

For the little guys & gals
I have just started browsing the wide world of Etsy (I know, I know...behind the times much?) and came across these guys. I mean, can it get cuter?

For your love
I just have to say that I am NOT a fan of “manjewelry.” If you own more rings, bracelets or necklaces than me, we have a problem! However, I have always been a fan of these Tiffany & Co. Dog Tags. They’re discreet yet sentimental since they are engrave able.

But if you’re looking for more of a “manly” gift, I’m also loving these or these.

And if you really want to knock his socks off, send him on an exciting adventure. Yep, pretty much coolest girlfriend ever.

For the parents/in-laws
I know I’m not going out on a limb here with a “gift basket” for the folks, but who doesn’t like a huge basket filled with cheese and other delicacies you would never buy yourself?

Or, if they’re not the most tech-savvy group, try a digital picture frame….so they can stare at your beautiful mugs all year long!

For the Health Nut
I LOVE this gift idea…I’m all about doing some dancing, yoga, pilates or P90X in the warm, coziness of my living room. I’m really intrigued by the “Your Shape” game that scans your body and tracks your movements throughout your workout.

For the comedian
I mean, hilarious

For the Boss

For the keeper of the kitchen
What a perfect gift for that friend or relative that likes to get her Betty Crocker on!

For the BFF
They say the best advice for gifting your bestie, is to get her something you’d like yourself. My picks would be a subscription to a fun magazine, a snood (because it's basically an essential this year), super fun shoes or  Keurig Single Cup Brewer.

Good luck with the shopping! And Happy Christmas Week!


Alison Kinsey said...

these gift ideas are all so perfect. my boyfriend loves his ray-ban aviators!
your blog is really cute. by the way i'm totally cooking challenged too, it's unfortunate!

Michaela said...

Oh my goodness...I love everything on this list! I would die for that adorable cupcake kit!

Unknown said...

ohmyheavens! love the fake parking tickets...they crack me up! great little ideas, missy! thanks for the blog love today--can't wait to share more of NYC tomorrow! xoxo {av}

Ashley said...

Hi there! New follower and gotta say I'm happy I came across your blog! Thanks for the gift ideas! Super cute :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

All great options, Kiva is GREAT!

Caroline said...

Great ideas!!! I love all of these!

TupeloLove said...

Love your ideas, all of them are great! And those parking tickets are amazeballs. :-)

Miss Southern Prep said...

Great ideas! I love when people give me magazine subscriptions as gifts!

Holly said...

Oh wow, I love the non-paper cups, and the little bear outfit. That is SO cute!

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

if i hadn't already done my Christmas shopping some of these would definitely be gifts I would have bought!!