Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apartment Things

One my goals for 2011 is to Glamorize my Apartment. I adore my apartment (when I don't have unexpected 1am visitors). It has hardwood floors throughout the living and my dressing room dining room areas and when I finally decided that "it" was the one, I took great care furnishing it. I knew exactly what I wanted in my mind and went on exhaustive searches to outfit my home with the perfect ceiling-to-floor curtains, dark walnut furniture, mocha brown chaise couch and lots of fluffy, cozy bedding and fabrics. I also adore the gallery frames in my bedroom that house my celebrity autographs and the ones in the entry that showcase black and whites of my family and friends.

But now that I've lived there almost 2 years, I need a little change. Things that are topping my Glamour list are:

Fresh Flowers: While this seems like an easy enough change, it's often one of those "expenses" that is rationalized away as uneccessary. But for the cheeriness fresh flowers bring, I think it's sometimes almost always worth it.
via Cupcakes & Cashmere...This girl never fails to impress me. She's basically the new (stylish) Martha Stewart.

New Fridge Pics: My refirigerator is basically my real-time scrapbook - the side of it covered in sweet cards from friends, wedding invites, baby announcements, racing numbers and pictures. So it needs a little update as vows have been made and babies have grown since the fridge was last attacked by my roll of scotch tape.

Pillows- I'm a pillow freak. I think a bed or couch can never have too many pillows. So, naturally my home is full of pillows that have all made the rotation from bedroom to living room and back. Below are some of my favorite picks from Pottery Barn and CB2.

Wall Art - This is a big one for me as I am a minimalist when it comes to my home. A piece of mail lying on the counter would be deemed "clutter" in my book. For the most part I like everything put away but lately the beige walls have been calling out to me to decorate them. I love gallery frames but think these unique wall treatments could make quite the splash

From Left to Right:
Wall Sunburst via Madison Avenue Gifts - $480
Via Under a Paper Moon
Via Terry's Fabrics

But what I'm reeeeeeally loving for walls are these....First spotted adorning Serena's bedroom walls on Gossip Girl, these butterflies are to die for. How enchanting would it be to wake up every morning to a flutter of these winged-creatures?! (Side presh is it that a group of butterflies is referred to as a "flutter"?! i love it.)

Butterflies by Paul Villinski

Floor Lamps: I've been on the hunt for a unique floor lamp for my bedroom since I moved in but never found the perfect one. I think any of these would add just the right glow!
From Left to Right:
Shamp Italy Fiorealla Floor Lamp-Via Spencer's Interiors - $1,315 
CB2 Kane Floor Lamp-Via Style Hive
Source Unknown
Target Tripod Floor Lamp - $99

Accent Chair - There is a corner in my living room that is just dying to be filled with something chic and perfect to cuddle up in on a rainy day.
From Left to Right:
CB2 Parlour Tangerine Chair - $699
John Lewis Jazz Chair - $1,560
Ikea Tullsta Chair - $199

Are you a minimalist or do you like bold, colofrul rooms? What pieces make your house feel like home?


Kieren said...

I looove the pillows and the chairs! I am obsessed with searching for cute chairs on craiglist, but I can never find any.

One day, when I have money, I will buy some seriously cute and comfy chairs!

Sam W. said...

cute blog :)

love the pillows!!!