Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Let's talk about SMOTYs - an acronym for "Sexiest Man Of The Year" which People magazine named today for 2010. They chose Ryan Reynolds and the Today Show called this a "surprising pick." Really?! Sorry Today Show that People didn't pick grimy, sleeps-in-an-ash-tray, wanna-be pirate Johnny Depp or "I Can't Stop Adopting Kids or growing gross facial hair", Brad're just going to have to settle for a true SMOTY this year.

I'm sorry, look at this anyone else really surprised?!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

were they really surprised?!!! oh my goodness - i agree with you. even my ryan knows i love ryan reynolds. haha. loved this post!

btw scarlett johanson is babe of the year according to GQ. ick. not a fan.

Ashley said...

i saw that! me either. her hubby's hot but i dont care for her too much!