Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Tradition & Giving Thanks

So Shannon and I are doing something new for Thanksgiving this year. Our "tradition" has to been to go early to mom and dad's and plant ourselves firmly on the couch for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while we compliment mom on how awesome her cooking smells (i know,i know...this is why i exist off cereal). But this year, we're getting ourselves out of bed early and participating in the annual HIlton Head Island Turkey Trot. There's about 1,000 more people participating in this race than our last one, so I don't know if we'll take home any prizes never know!

So with Thanksgiving just a week away, I figured I'd give some thought to the things I'm most thankful for.

My Family - They're the best. Seriously.

My sister - Obvioiusly she's part of the family section too but I figured I'd give her a special shout-out (and not just because she reads my blog). We're pretty much BFF. We even have a lifelong pact to never let eachother wear "mom jeans." How legit is that?!

Travel - Travel has been a GREAT distraction for me this year. And I'm thankful that I have so many friends that live in cool places that are not too far away....From nashville, to columbia, to charlotte, to charleston, atlanta and greenville...I haven't been home that much this year.

My Job - While it may not be the glamorous high-rise I've dreamt of for so long or the sonog program I tried so hard to get in, I'm glad in a world of unemployment that I have one.

My Friends - Whether we're having a girl's night, a shopping spree, just being stupid or they're listening to me cry about the same old things, I have awesome friends....near and far away!
Running/The Gym - Besides keeping me entertained with what I have found to be to be some of the world's oddest and worst-dressed people, I'm grateful for the gym and running because, it too, has been a stress reliever. Though I'm learning to love the gym, I always treasure my Sunday afternoon runs outside the best.

Free Time - I only have a couple months of being thankful for this because I didn't finish up with school until the end of July ....but really, I'm still amazed daily that I actually have the option of reading what I want or, heck, even going to bed at 10pm if I want instead of 1am. And the fact that I no longer have to figure out static friction coefficients of different slopes and masses is something I am daily grateful for (like seriously there are no words to describe it.)

The Beach - Yes, our town is small. Yes, we have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest mall. Yes, no one believes in the healthy awesomeness of frozen yogurt shops. But we have a fantastic beach and I would dearly miss being authentically tan in the summer. Now that I'm in the world of weekly spray tans, I'm reminded of how NOT the same it is.

And of fabulous new skinny jeans with embellished back pockets- yes, I realize how shallow this is but, but I have to be a little thankful for them. Love me through it.

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