Monday, November 15, 2010

A Month of Travel

This past month has been busy! I’ve been out of town for the past four weekends. Packing has become part of my every week...deciding what outfits need to be brought for this occasion or that and which tops needs to be thrown in the dryer to beat out the wrinkles pressed ever so carefully....every friday evening has been spent on the road it seems. And though each trip has been fun, I'm already looking forward to this coming weekend when I can finally catch up on some sleep and those outdoor runs I adore so much.

My first stop was a weekend trip to Greenville. We spent the day touring boutiques, grabbing appetizers at sidewalk cafes and admiring the numerous fountains, statues and landscaped parks that downtown Greenville offers. Greenville has nine "hidden" mice throughout the downtown area as part of a permanent scavenger hunt which we participated in while we there. We ended up finding six - not too shabby.  

Halloween weekend I traveled to Atlanta with my friend Kristin. We drove straight from work until about 9pm when our stomachs were yelling at us to feed them. We spotted a subway off an exit and headed for some $5 footlongs (actually that is a lie - we both got 6" subs). We landed at a Subway attached to "Loves Gas Station" and "Chester's Chicken." This crusty little find also provided showers so Kristin and I watched the digital sign under the giant tv change from "Now serving shower #48" to "#49" while we ate. Love's also had phones at every table but I'm pretty sure you could only make collect calls from them. Not sketchy at all. We made it to ATL just minutes before midnight. The rest of the weekend involved a first birthday party for me, shopping for Kristin and a costume birthday party in the evening. We had so much fun painting Rina blue and costuming it up! (Side note - every store we tried that day was out of face paint so Rina's blue glow was created from crushed blue eye shadow and moisturizer ...How Martha Stewart are we?!)
The next weekend Shannon and I headed to Columbia to cheer on the Gamecocks. Unfortunately they decided to play like a 1-A high school team that day and the weather decided Jack Frost should be the guest of honor. I was never so glad to see a giant razorback plop right down in front of me…that hideous plastic hog head turned out to be an excellent wind blocker.

We visited Shandon Baptist on Sunday and then decided to stop at the Riverbanks Zoo before heading home. We contemplated kidnapping a child so it would look like we were there at the zoo for them and not ourselves but ultimately decided against it.
Please love how excited Shannon is in this piture to have goat slobber all over and that Gucci. Love it! :)
This past weekend I spent in Charleston at a casting call and visiting friends but sadly...I was lazy and didn't take any pictures.

Counting down the days 'til the weekend!

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