Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Under the Tree

I think I've made it no secret that I'm excited for the holidays this year. Why? I have no clue. I'm not a scrooge by any means but the past couple years I've not exactly been Martha Stewart when it comes to giving up my summer and decking the halls.

Last year I did a post on fun gift ideas so, I thought I'd give my suggestions for this year. Behold:

Fujimax Instax- Who remembers the Poloaroid cameras? Please raise your hand all you scrunchie-socked, feathered banged children of the 80s! Fuji has made an updated version of this camera and though I hear the film can get pricey, I get excited just thinking about waving around little square sheets waiting for an image to appear. Hello awesomeness!

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Nail Colour Yellow - I saw this color on Annalynn McCord this summer and fell in love with it. It adds such a pop to an LBD.

Joes Skinny Jeans - I have officially joined the skinny jean trend. I usually embrace new trends (except for the fedora b/c, sadly, I inherited my dad's giant head) but skinny jeans I was a little afraid of. I am not a fan of my legs and the thought of pulling on pants that hug every inch of your body gave me visions of a brunette tomato on pencils. But, surprisngly, skinny jeans are very flattering. And while I'm normally a Hudson and Seven for All Makind fan, I'm pretty sold on this pair of skinnies.

Running Shoes - This item comees sheerly from my frustration with my own dang Nikes. I divorced my New Balances about a year ago after four happy years together. And instead of sticking with another pair of NB's, I decided to try something new. I am a fool! My feet HATE the Nikes and I am reminded everytime I run. So while Nike may have superior workout apparel, if you're buying running shoes, stick with New Balance. They know what they're doing!

Kain Label Tees - I am in love with these overpriced tanks. I haven't bitten the bullet and bought one yet but I love the sheerness of these - perfect for summer and/or working out.

Cupcakes- I guess this wouldnt be a good reccomendation to pair with the skinny jeans if you ever plan on fitting in them (unless you were blessed with Madonna's metabolism) but with flavors like Baba Booey (pictured) and Grasshopper.....it might be worth it.

Those are all my suggestions for now but don't be surprised if another list pops up....I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping yet so I'm sure many treasures will be found on my hunt for the perfect gifts.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh yes!! hope you get the fujimax. i LOVE mine - got it for my bday, and its so worth it. some people don't understand my joy over it but you described it just right: waving little square sheets...hello awesomeness!

and YES to cupcakes!!

Ashley said...

i saw that you got one on your blog! SO cool! i guess you can't take the '80s out of some people ;)

yes...we definitely share a love of cupcakes...i'm going to have to visit whimsical cupackes. what a great find!

Liêu Á Phàm said...
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