Monday, October 18, 2010

Today is Special

Today is my parent's anniversary. Married on the "sweetest day" in 1980 these two college sweethearts are celebrating 30 years of marriage today.

Most girl's cringe at the saying "you end up marrying someone just like your dad" but not me. Because my dad is the best example of a what a Godly husband is - he's the most generous person I know-whether it's giving up his seat every time to a lady or some older person, giving his water supply to someone sick while overseas, opening the car door for us girls every.single.time we get in, selling baseball cards back in the day to take baby Shannon to Disney or the countless things he's given our family over the years, I've never known someone so selfless. And in a world of selfish people that's hard to come by. He gives the best advice for every situation and is without a doubt the most Godly man I know. So yeah, I hope I marry someone like him.

And though everyone tells me I "look more like my dad" they say my disposition is more like my mom's and that's an good awesome thing too - because she's someone I could only aspire to be like. She is the most caring person I know. So many people "fake care" but she is genuine to the core. when things are down, I always know she's praying away-because that's just who she is. I couldn't have asked for a better "wife" or "mom" role model.

So though I can only attest to 25 years of it, I can say it's been an awesome marriage. One California kid, One military-family lady, One college computer class, Lots of big '80s hair and (unfortunately) 90s velour outfits, One cross-country move, Three Houses, Several Cars, One Weenie Dog (I couldn't leave out Tilly!) and Two Awesome daughters ;) later....Here we are! Happy 30th!

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