Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Remember last month when I said I was working on a special project? Well, I can finally reveal what it was. I worked as the model for 700 Bay which is a brand new private, luxury condominium development in the heart of downtown Beaufort. We did a full day shoot and had so much fun. Our photographer, who I've worked with before on the other side of the camera, was crazy talented and added so much energy to the shoot. The units are absolutely breathtaking and the views even better! I offered to live in one in exchange for my modeling services but they weren't crazy about that offer for some reason. Hmm.

Here is the home page of the new Website we're launching - expected to go live any day now. This will also be part of wall display in the Beaufort Visitor's Center. Exciting! So if you're ever in downtown Beaufort, stop in and "see" me. ;)
And here's a Sneak Peek at a few other shots from the shoot!
Note: I am not blinking or sleepwalking here…I was just showing off my new eye shadow while I served breakfast to no one. JK–I was just looking down!
Photos Courtesy of Paula Illingworth Photography and 700 Bay.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

im totally stopping by there!!! you look great, girl. :)