Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today is Good.

WHY is today good you might ask? No particular reason. This week hasn't been the best, but today is GOOD. Some of the things that have made this day good:

  • Truffles leftovers from dinner with my sis last night (I'm not huge on leftovers but Truffle's salads are amazing and leftovers from there can loosely be interpreted as no cooking in the Krieger household for the next two days-get excited).

  • Talking on the phone to my BFF & picture texts of Emmalyn

  • Gym-time tonight. (I've started a very serious relationship with the elliptical. It  could be love. I am however very concerned with the number of people who workout in jeans!!)

  • Late-night dinner with friends tonight (we're so Parisian it kills me).

  • Shiny baby pink mini metallic skirt paired perfectly w/a blue dinosaur silly band gifted from Sophia

  • Gamecock football this weekend in God's County (that would be Columbia)
It is the simple things sometimes that are the happy things.

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