Friday, September 3, 2010

Gym Rat

I joined a gym. And I hate gyms.

The only gym I haved liked LOVED was my gym at college or "The Strom" as it was called. It was a beautiful two story building with personal TVs on every machine, huge floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out to the pool (which was a real 90210 scene of its own), a huge cardio deck that overlooked the weight room, a sauna, indoor Olympic pool, rock-climbing wall descending out of its center, glassed-in raquetball rooms...are you getting the picture? SWANKY! It was always sunny and cheery in there and I loved going because you were bound to see someone you knew. It was like going to the library - more of a social effort than anything else. Not being athletic in the least, I was never into the fitness scene. I began going to the gym sophomore year as a distraction and a stress reliever and, gradually, took a liking to it.  

I joined a gym briefly in the fall of 2008 which was so dark you couldn't really tell if someone else was using a machine unless you were inches away. But with a monthly membership fee of $80, I was committed to that black hole. But three months later I moved too far away to remain a member....which is where I developed my love for outdoor running. Though a treadmill is convenient at times (i.e. rainy days or when you feel like putting your workout off until around 10pm), there's nothing better than running outside in the sunshine and fresh air.....and I have a great neighborhood for running.

Which brings me to my current membership as a Powerhouse Gym member (the name just sounds like it's full of 5-foot-3 steroid-induced meat heads no?). Though I haven't moved again, the impending daylight savings time which sends the sun to bed before I even leave my office and a stalker neighbor whose making 1am appearances outside my door way too often has forced me to make preperations for my fall fitness.

So for now I am officially a "gym rat" but I can guarantee that I will be hitting the "real" pavement on weekends!

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