Monday, August 9, 2010

This baby stuff is no joke

I had a house guest last night. Actually, I had two. One of my house guests was a little pint-size package of pink cuteness who blew bubbles, gurgled her opinion about this or that and put on the most irresistible drama-queen performances. My second guest was my best friend and Emmalyn’s mom, Kayla.

Not being big on babysitting growing up, most of my experience was gained during or post college when I would watch friend’s babies and children. The sheer amount of STUFF you need for just one tiny person still amazes me. And this stuff isn’t light to carry either! No wonder all these moms have such toned arms! Forget the gym…just get a baby!

We had an all-out girls night which started off with feeding Emmalyn (a girl’s gotta eat!) and then a trip to Target where Emmalyn and I cruised the aisles while Kayla shopped. I think I bored her because she feel asleep on me! See below:

After that we grabbed dinner and then made a Publix stop after realizing my apartment had a serious lack of junk food which is essential for movie watching. Emmalyn got all cozy in her swaddle and passed out in her faux nursery for the night while Kayla and I watched Valentine’s Day.….which I feel asleep during too because I am 80 years old.

We spent a little time playing this morning before Kay packed up the car and the duo headed back to see daddy wilkes. Miss you guys already but so glad I finally got see you Emmalyn!

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