Friday, August 20, 2010

summer lovin'

Trends I'm Loving this summer!
Though I have long been a fan of the French manicure....a bruised toe from running (which I've discovered takes a VERY long time to heal) has kept me from my go-to pedi request. Who knew one little bruised toe could literally become the "black sheep" in stark contrast to the other perfectly tipped tootsies. Because of this minor injury, this summer has been one of color! I have been loving mango reds, seafoam greens, (yes that horrible '80s color), charcoal grays and hot electric pinks. I've left behind worries of matching (or clashing) with my outfits and just had fun trying new shades.  

I wore a braid for most of my elementary school existence. With waste-length hair and a tomboy-ish view on fashion, the long, thick rope style was most practical. But upon entering the fashion scene, I left the cross-hatch style behind with my jorts and keds. But this summer I am loving braids again. Granted, not my signature, intrinsic french braid or the "reverse fishtail" I so envied on other girls all those years ago. No, this summer I am loving tiny "Lauren Conrad" side braids weaved subtedly into the waves of your hair. I have sported the "Audrina" side braid on numerous occasions to work....letting the shorter layers fall out instead of fretting over pinning them back...the result being 90% of my hair down by the end of the work day. And today I tried my hand at the "Carrie Underwood" crossover braid. I think this look could only be perfected by the addition of cowboy boots and a flirty dress. I don't think I'll bring back my rope style braid back anytime soon but I definitely will be taking these woven styles with me into fall.

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