Tuesday, August 10, 2010

setting goals. making magic

So my sister has inspired me. We have this weekly tradition of getting dinner together in which we discuss a wide variety of topics. Really, nothing is off limits. One thing we’ve consistently been talking about is running. Ever since I ran my 5K in December, I have wanted to do another one.
We’ve lined up for ourselves a string of races in the fall once the weather gets cooler and plan on hitting the streets early Sunday for a run downtown which I’m exited about.

My overall goal is to run a half marathon and, more specifically, the Disney princess half marathon in February. I know that I’m 25 and the thought of running around Cinderella’s castle with Princess Jasmine and Ariel cheering me on from the sidelines shouldn’t excite me as much as it does but, if you’re going to run a half marathon….it should at least be entertaining correct?

I’ve found myself watching the odometer every time I drive…seeing how far it takes me to reach 13.1 miles and getting a little overwhelmed when I think about what would have been my “starting point.” No promises as to if I’ll run it, but I’m setting goals because I think it’s important to have them.
Excited to run my three miles tonight......

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Kayla said...

I wish I was this excited about running. If I was though, I would love the Disney Princess run!