Wednesday, August 11, 2010

night & day

it occurred to me as i was tagging all my posts this past week that i've never written about sarah-one of my best, best friends.
though we have developed similar interests over the years - fashion, working out, eating healthy, reality tv (can you say the bachelor?), we are different in a lot of ways too.

sarah is a new york girl at heart and I am a southerner. she is shorter (or as i like to call it - the perfect height) and i am tall. she was a psych major, me a PR girl. she is a bargainista and, let's just say - i could learn from her ways!

she is one of my friends that knows every secret about me. she's one of the friends who listened to me cry in my darkest moments and laughed with me in some of the most ridiculous situations. we've rung New Years in together over the phone. she was my spring break buddy when we headed to disneyworld as all the other 21-year-olds were headed on cruises or tropical destinations. she remembers details from our conversations that i've forgotten i told her. we text all day long about our days and weekend plans. and though we've lived in different cities for nearly three years, our friendship has not weakened by any means.

sarah and i took a long time to warm up to eachother. through a mutual friend we became two of a foursome of roommates.  during our first semester living together we gradually began talking, going to the gym together and, surprisingly, liking eachother despite our different personalities. and by the end of junior year, we were fast friends. she lived in the apartment building across from me senior year but a day didnt go by when i wouldnt frequent her apartment or her mine for an America's Next Top Model study break, a run to Wal-Mart or the Strom or a meeting in the middle of the 50-foot parking lot to vent about schoolwork.

Anyone who knows her or knows me always find us an unlikely pair but she is a little ray of sunshine in my day. and now i'm thankful every day i met her.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ooh this is so fun! i love those kinds of unexpected friendships. they seem to run deeper too because it goes beyond commonality! enjoyed this post. :)

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