Monday, August 30, 2010

Emm-ensly Dissapointing

Last night was the Emmy's. I really could care a less about who one for best female guest role appearance in a drama. I tune in for the fashion. But I have to say, this year's show was lame! There was no color. Half the dresses were either black or navy. There were no farewell-to-summer "white moments" as Rachel Zoe puts it or hello-fall aubergines or tangerines. Of course there were some pretty dresses but this year's choices lacked that Emmy feathers, no seaquins, no flowy trains.

Leah Michelle's dress was beautiful! I loved it. She was one of the first on the carpet and a definite predictor of more navy blue to follow.

Hey Heidi Klum....this is the Emmy's, not a club. This is where you bust out all those floor-length gowns we all wish we had a place to wear!

Eva was ever-glam as always. She knows how to rock the LBD!

Kim Kardashian's Kueen of the Nile look was terrible. It made her look 30 years older and hugged in all the wrong places.

And that last little number....there are no words.....probably because the dress ate them......My favorite looks of the night were pre-Emmy. Even pre-Red Carpet. I loved the Mad Men makeover looks of Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt. I'm obsessed with styles from the '60s and loved the bright colors, mini dresses, teased hair and frosted lids....Perfection!

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