Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trigger Finger

Living as a single girl definitely has its advantages. Sole control of the remote control. Impromptu weekend trips to this city or that. The ability to take full advantage of the 36-hour Hills marathon. Decorating with as much paisley, polka dots or pink and green as you want (even though that's not my style, it's still an option.) The freedom to go for a 6pm or a 6am run. Empowering moments....such as unclogging ones bathroom drain. (I swear, you might as well clothespin your bedsheet around you because at that moment, you will feel like superwoman.)

I have come across no real pitfalls to this lifestyle until this past week....when I was forced to choose between hairspray and bathroom cleaner. Long story short, I had a bit of a stalker issue with some pool rat that had a little too much patron in his party. The police came and the whole shebang. When I went to bed that night, I figured I should take some precautions...it was at this moment that I realized I wasn't exactly prepared for any midnight battles with plowed prowlers. My choice of weapons came down to the Tresemme or the Clorox bathroom cleaner. Assuming that hairspary companies account for the fact that stupid people probably spray themselves in the face with that stuff all the time, I went for the Clorox as it has the number for the Poison Control Center on the back of it and the hairspray didn't.

Things are all as they should be again but an important lesson was learned.

Adjustments to the single girl lifestyle:
1.)When decorating your home with splashes of paisley and polka dot as you eat your dinner of oreos and soak up all the bachelorette and hills TV possible, remember to equip yourself with a weapon that does not double as a household cleaner or beauty product.

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