Thursday, July 1, 2010


Can't believe my sweet Tilly's been gone for a year. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. From her first week of life in our home (which involved a bout with worms, falling deathly ill and a bee sting on her nose) to her last day, sixteen years later, this little fuzzy tub of cuteness was a huge source of joy for our family. And I have to say, was Krieger through-and-through.

She was a go-getter. And by that I mean, no matter what obstacle you put in front of her she would get what she wanted. She gnawed her way through countless baby gates, an antique trunk and, even a DOOR, just because she pretty much abhorred the idea of being made to stay in a limited area.

She liked to dine with others. She could be in a legs up, tongue out, sawing logs type of sleep but the first kiss of the refrigerator seal breaking and she was instantly by your side in the kitchen ready to partake in whatever meal and/or snack you were having. And if ice cream was involved, she pretty much demanded a bowl equivalent in size to the one you were having. And when she was done she would come by and give you one, cold wet lick on your foot as her thank you....always the lady!

She was personable. She was convinced that every person that rolled up our driveway was distinctly there to see her, throwing her drool-encrusted fuzzy green tennis ball up and down the hallway as many times as she felt like retrieving it.

She was adventurous. Whether it was coming nose-to-nose with raccoons and being totally chill about it, letting abandoned kittens nurse uselessly on her and claw up her tummy or seeing what would happen when she ran around the house with a red marker in her mouth, this girl knew how to have a good time. She could make an empty paper towel roll into the most fun toy you've ever seen. And her imagination limitless...I couldn't tell you how many bones she "buried" pushing invisible mounds of dirt over her bone she'd tucked underneath the curtain's edge and glancing behind her to make sure no one was on to her.

She was confident. No matter that she was a good 15 pounds overweight and had short legs that barely lifted her two inches off the floor, she rocked that back fat better than any other dog in the neighborhood (and it was the cutest back fat i've ever seen).

Ok, I know I'm biased but I dare you to find me a sweeter face than this one anywhere!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

this made me so sad cuz i remember tilly. i even remember when were little, she scared me and id run to your room and close the door.

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Anonymous said...
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