Thursday, July 1, 2010

there's something absolutely tantalizing about a red-soled pair of sky-high Loubitans paired with perfectly-placed cascading curls that look like they required zero effort and skin that looks as though the sun came out from behind the shadow of night purposely to kiss its surface. all set against the background of a sea of yellow cabs and buildings splashed with colorful ads and mirrored windows.

there's something even more tantalizing seeing that scene come to life not on the big screen of sex and the city but in real life people you know. real life people you sat next to every day. real life people you knew would roll into class exactly two minutes late, slirping a sugar free red bull and smelling of last night's club mingled with Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.

i went to college with two girls who ended up in new york. we were never friends - classmates only. neither of them were the sorority type. no pearl necklaces and monogrammed vera bradley for them. (well, i take that back - one of them wore pearls with camo pants to class one time and I totally judged her for such an awful ensemble). for the most part though, just an eclectic taste that i couldn't decide if it was nicole richie wannabe or just more fashion forward than i had yet to realize.

one girl is an aspiring fashion photographer already featured in big name fashion rags- bigger than vogue and Marie Claire. The kind that are ciruclated only among the elite inner circle of fashion designers. The ones that cross the desk of Vogue editors and inspire their "look books" for the coming season.

the other one...well, i'm not quite sure what she does but she jet-sets to every major big city east of the Mason Dixon and her twitpics of breathtaking sky scrapers and restaurants stamped with the envied five-stars on their front doors send shivers down my spine on an almost weekly basis.

The fashion world is a hard one to break into and though I'm not very envious of the undoubtedly tiny spaces with hefty price tags they call home, I do have to say their lives are intriguing. And their gumption to move to such a stimulating metropolis is inspiring.

They have their "usuals" at their corner java spots, they do cardio kickboxing and bickram yoga at hours when the only things open around here are the IHOP and the 24-hour Wal-Mart. And they sunbathe on the roofs of their high up in the sky they can probably clearly make out what Mrs. Jones is reading from her first class seat on the airplane flying above. They jet-set on the weekends to warmer, tropical areas and spend weekends in celebrity-owned clubs that have true VIP areas and double-digit priced cocktails.

It's funny where life takes you. In college I placed these girls in a verging-on-emo category only to find three years later that they are the living versions of Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York in the city that never sleeps.....donning chanel-labeled bags and tangling dog leashes with Mathew Broderick and Cameron Diaz in Central Park.

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