Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hills

So The Hills SERIES finale was last night....after six years, it's over. I have to say that I'm going to miss it. I was a fan of this show when it started off as Laguna Beach my sophomore year of college. All the girls on my hall would gather in someone's room and wait expectantly to see how the love triangle between Stephen Colletti, Kristin and Lauren (better known as "LC" back in the day) would turn out. I was skeptical about The Hills when it first came out; I thought there was no way it could possibly compete with the high school drama of the Laguna Beach crowd. Until Lauren Conrad took her first steps as an intern in the Teen Vogue offices and the bright flashy lights of all things LA flashed across my screen.

I've never questioned whether this show was scripted or not because, in all honesty, I don’t care. I hurried every Monday night to get the workout and the homework done so that at 10pm I could enjoy 30 minutes of spicy drama. Who can resist the breathtaking scenery of the California cliffs or the Hotel Roosevelt nestled against the famed Hollywood sign that serves as the backdrop for nearly every episode? Who doesn’t enjoy the player ways of Brody Jenner with his chiseled jaw line and enigmatic looks he gives to every girl passing by in stilettos and a bandage dress? And who doesn’t stand in shock as we watched the progression into lunacy of Spencer Pratt with his crystals and flesh-colored beard or Heidi's transformation from a wannabe PR party girl to a real-life flotation device? Who doesn’t love the VIP club scenes with its white leather couches and chic names like “Trick” or “Area” that somehow always end up with an appearance by Justin Bobby or the latest frenemy. And let's not forget the clothes! From Whitney's beach-chic style with baby braids and chiffon tops paired with gladiators to Audrina's rocker-esque style of skinnies and tanks, the clothes on this show have served as the lookbook of fashion for any girl between ages of 20 and 30.

So Hills, I will miss you. With all your drink-splashing, door-slamming, hair-pulling, insult-throwing awesomeness, I will miss you.