Tuesday, July 6, 2010

beach town

for as long as i can remember the beach has been a part of my memories. didn't matter it was Hunting Island, Tybee, Coligny, Fripp, Harbor, Folly....any beach from within 15 minutes to two hours, I've probably visited at some point in my life.

From playing in the perfectly-sized tidal pools just a few feet away from mom's beach chair as a kid, to saturday afternoons on Fripp with the BF hopping from pool to beach in the golf cart, to girl's getaway weekends and Sunday afternoon trips topped off with a shrimp burger from the famed yet so appropriately-named Shrimp Shack....the beach has been a huge part of my life.

i was reminded of that this weekend as i headed to Folly Beach to celebrate the 4th. it was perfect. 90-something degree weather, a slight breeze, rounds of volleyball going on for hours with the bop of the ball soaring over the net mixed with beach music streaming from someone's radio a few feet off, lunch at some dive beach restaurant....it was all perfect and made for a relaxing weekend.

so as anxious as i am to move to a new city (and by new city i mean atlanta) i know that i'll definitely miss the beach. i discovered this summer that the lake is no beach substitute. it's fun and memories of its own but it's no replacement for the sandy shores and salty waters of a beach.

the beach has my history but atlanta has my heart.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

atlanta! thats super exciting. :)
when do you head out, girl?!

Ashley said...

no set date...that's just the long-term plan :)

Ashley said...
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