Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kooky Kayla had a Beautiful Baby

I met my BF Kayla freshman year of college. Although we didn't become friends until about 1 month in, I remember her from our first night in the dorm. All 90-something of us girls were called into the hallway and forced to particpate in the "adjective game" to get to know eachother. The game is where you say an adjective before your name that starts with the same letter of your name. I guess it worked because I definitely remembered "Kooky Kayla" from the mix of my new floormates.

We "officially" met in the Patterson Hall foyer one Sunday...the only two girls out of a dorm of 900 waiting for their boyfriend's to pick them up for church and started talking. We discovered we lived one door away from eachother. From that point on, we were pretty much in her room eating marshmallow fluff sandwiches (can we say college budget?) or in mine enduring my roommates Usher music videos on replay. We have eerily similar lives (well minus the husband and baby part now!) and have become best friends over the almost 7 years we've known eachother.

And early this morning, Baby Emmalynn was FINALLY born and I'm so excited. She's so beautiful-takes after her mom! Can't wait to see more pictures of this little munchkin but here's the first "freshly-hatched" pic.

Happy Birthday Emmalyn. Aunt "Awesome" Ashley can't wait to meet you!

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