Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top 10

One of my fav blogs is doing a Top 10 Countdown every day on a different topic. While she’s chosen to do top 10 favorite outfits and celeb crushes, I’m going with Top 10 Best Songs on the Radio

#1-Baby-Justin Bieber
I know, I know…but I’ve caught the Bieber fever. This kid’s got some catchy lyrics. Love me through it.

#2-In My Head-Jason DeRulo
-I can listen to this song all day and not get sick of it
#3-Before the Morning-Josh Wilson
I heart this song probably more than any others on this list. If someone told me this song was written just for me I’d say “you don’t lie!”

#4-Telephone - Lady GaGa-
I’m pretty sure GaGa could be legally insane but this chick’s got some crazy talent. The thought of seeing her live in September literally makes me want to go don my best latex body suit and go shopping for a feathered headdress in preparation.

#5-Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz Feat Luda
If Taio Cruz keeps mad songwriting skills like this up, he’s going to own the radio. I’m fairly certain Jay-Z owns it now. Or Oprah. But give it a few years….Taio’s going to take it ova!

#6-Hey Soul Sister-Train
This song is so random but there’s something about that “my heart beating right out of my untrimmed chest” line gets me every time.

#7-Today Was a Fairytale-Taylor Swift
-I love me some t-sweezy. Every since she did that SNL skit where she totally got back at Kanye for stealing her VMA’s thunder. Actually that is a lie. I really loved her when I heard teardrops on my guitar for the first time and thought – “that is SO me” – but her SNL appearance made me love her about 100,000 times more.

#8 Half of My Heart-John Mayer
I will always love me some John Mayer. Despite the fact that he broke Jessica Simpson AND Jennifer Aniston’s heart. Despite the face that he has the morals of an alley cat and looks like he sleeps in an ash tray and bathes in whiskey most days…I can still enjoy his manly voice of hotness.

#9-Havent’ Met You Yet-Michael Buble
Dang if this song doesn’t give a girl some hope. The fact that Michael is engaged to a girl named Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and the fact that she was the girl in the music video makes this song about 348374387 more shades of awesome. (Either LLLdlT has been married three times before or she’s got the best fairytale name ever. Hands down).

#10-Best Days of Your Life –Kellie Pickler
This song is legit. True story.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

good radio picks, girl!
kinda embarrassed but ashley (my sister) got my addicted to bieber. he does have a great beat and good lyrics.

i'll have to look up that josh wilson one.

Kayla said...

I like John Mayor too despite his player ways and chronic bad fashion decisions.