Monday, May 24, 2010

man sweat, thunderstorms and other lessons learned...

-sumer is here. if you find yourself going for a run outside do not plan on doing anything immediately after. you will look like a wet rat and smell like a man. be warned!

-as i was sitting at home last night wasting time on facebook and listening to the rain pour outside and my living room light up with flashes of lightning, i was reading status update after update about how wonderful thunderstorms were. and i found myself agreeing that, yes, thunderstorms are awesome....until the power goes out. and you realize you don't own a flashlight. be prepared kids!

-if you end up sharing a hotel with three girls, bring as much non-pink, green and paisley luggage as possible. you will wander aimlessly around the room for what seems like hours trying to locate your specific paisley bag.

-since i have yet to spend a may weekend at home, the contents of my fridge pretty much include milk hovering around it's expiration date and eggs that possibly pre-date easter. in such crisis situations, kitchen experiments and substitutes often occur. such as the "english muffin grilled cheese." do not be ashamed-embrace your creativity. and, more importantly, make friends with marie calendar.