Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You may never know the impact you are having….

I was a freshman in college….loving dorm life and all the friends I was making. Finally knowing my way around the giant campus that sprawled through downtown Columbia. And, with the exception of computer science, liking my classes.

During one of the, what seemed like, 500 hundred fire drills we had that year, I saw a flier for a dorm Bible study in the stairwell. I noticed that it started the next week. I went to church every Sunday with my “Beaufort Family” but had been wanting to look into other campus opportunities. This seemed perfect: worked with my class schedule. Was right in my own dorm. A chance to meet more people. I decided to give it a whirl.

When I found my way to the 5th floor, room 538 where we were having the Bible study, I saw about 8 or 9 girl’s faces that seemed familiar from either the elevator or the Patterson cafeteria. In the middle of the half circle was Brooke-Petite. A dancer. With a MANE of golden hair, a huge smile and the friendliest personality. I instantly like her. She worked for campus crusade and was “assigned” our dorm of 900 girls. Despite the fact that only 8 or 9 out of 900 came to the study, she was never discouraged. Bible study was fun. Serious at times and we learned a lot but she made it fun. She became a friend.

Brooke and I met up a couple times that year-just the two of us. At first I was a skeptical of the invite – was there a Bible study evaluation I didn’t know about? But no, she just wanted to know what was new with me-things I was excited about, struggling with, etc. she was generally interested in knowing me.

On our last day of study, she let us all in on her life-she had been on and off for about 5 years with a guy named Denny. And now, they were engaged and getting married that summer. They moved to Nashville so he could pursue his music career and she could teach dance. We emailed back and forth over the years and during an especially difficult time junior year, her emails were so relatable and encouraging.

With the business of life, we eventually lost touch. Last year, I found her on facebook and was so excited to see that not only were her and Denny happily married, but also parents to two boys-Beau and Cade. She blogs about her life as a mom and her life in Nashville and it’s so neat to see that she’s still the same Brooke with a heart for God – just a wife and mom now.

It’s been seven years since I was a freshman in college but I still think back on some of the things I learned in Brooke’s Bible study. In one of her emails to me in 2005, Brooke wrote – “you will never know the impact you are having on them right now.” I think about Brooke’s words now and, even though she meant them for me, I can’t help but think that they are so appropriate for her. I only knew her for a year, but her impact in my life made a lasting effect.

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