Saturday, March 27, 2010


Katie and Me-Halloween at our office last year.

i had interned at my current office just two months when katie came on the scene. she got hired two days before my 21st birthday and i remember, after just 2 days of knowing me, her carrying in a card and balloons on my bday. we shared an office for a month and then i headed back to school. when i came on full time after college, we shared an office for two years before i moved into my own office.

over the past three, nearly four, years we have become great friends. apart from working on countless work projects we've taken business trips together, gone out to savannah together, out on hilton head, shopped, gone to the movies and chattered about everything going on in our lives every day for the past three years. being the only ones in our office our age, we became really close. she was a great friend for me through some hard times and good. when you spend 40 hours a week with someone, they really do become like a second family.

katie's last day working for us was yesterday. she and her husband are both from the NC mountains and have been trying to get back there for some time. she recently accepted a job and will be moving to boone next week. i'm so happy that she's found a great job and is moving where she's wanted to be but i'll definitely miss my friend.

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