Monday, February 8, 2010

mental break

i spent the morning in a conference on estuaries and fish. don't lie, i know you're super jealous.

i was the youngest person by at least 24 years. again jealous right? i got to sit with my best posture for five hours and act like i was interested in what fish roam our tidals creeks, the difference between blackwater, brownwater and coastal creeks and, better yet - act like i wasn't totally grossed out when the guest speaker told us about cutting open a fish to reveal 16 crabs inside. Gross! Apparently that's a good thing because it means our coast is somehow economically good. Who knew right?

I spent our 40-minute lunch break acting interested and nodding in all the right places as my table partner, Burt, told me about his new history exhibit - complete with Revolutionary War cannons and civil war hoes and rakes. I get people who like history but I am so not a fan. I'd rather punch calculations than read about old wars. It's just not my thing.

So even though i technically had lunch at this shin-dig, i incorporated my own desk lunch which i used for a mental break because the thought of going straight from fish facts to real estate and hospice, made me want to rip my eyeballs out.

i purposely don't read blogs on the weekend. even though i was bored enough to watch the real housewives re-run for a third time on saturday, i didn't loook at the blogs. why? because i love,love, love logging in on monday morning and spending a good 30 minutes catching up on all these wonderful people's lives! some i know, some acquintances and some complete strangers that i feel like i should know because of ther blog.

i've completely forgotten everything i just learned about cobia and red deer but am fully aware that busy bee lauren had red velvet cupcakes for her birthday and poco prefers to wave with feet rather than hands....i can now go back to work!

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