Wednesday, January 13, 2010

that girl

my favorite televsion show of all time is "That Girl" - produced, run and re-run all before I was ever born. my mom got me the final dvds for christmas - rounding out my beautiful five-season collection.

the last season was filmed in 1971 and i have been utterly inspired by Anne's fashion. my closet has recently exploded with printed mini dresses, over-the-knee boots (my most favorite purchase yet) and long necklaces with tons of unneccessary, dangling charms.

i've had fun experimenting with hair and makeup too. the teased hair and straight part. the nude and blue makeup palettes. the extra heavy eyeliner and fan of false lashes. i love it all. i've played "dress up" nearly every night planning out fun outfits for this occasion or that. the fashion of the late 60s and early 70s is by FAR my favorite. i'll forgoe 80s shoulder pads and poofy hair any day for a cozy caftan and some oversized sunnies!


Kayla said...

Ummmm DId you notice that she has a turkey on a leash?

Ashley said...

haha - yeah i don't know what that's about...maybe she's a gamecock fan!