Monday, January 4, 2010


i was off work for more than a week last week. i wanted to post something on my blog but didn't really have anything of importance to say. christmas was lovely but lowkey. new years was fun but not over the top and the in-between time was relaxing but just filled with day-to-day things of not-too-much importance.

i found my time as a "trial housewife" very nice but pricey - when left with a clean house and a completed workout, a girl has not much else to do but SHOP!

but a new year is a good time to reflect. a good time to think about the great and not-so-great things that happened the last year and to really focus on things you want to happen in the new year. if i had my way, the new year would be a magical day where all the hard memories are forgotten and all your dreams come true but sadly...after the New Year's toast is drunk and the sparklers fade, january 1st has just as many worries and heartaches as december 31st.

it's ok though. because this year i'm going to try really hard to be faithful. good things have happened already this year but there are also hard things (already) that have happened this year too. i don't understand why they had to happen but i'm going to try hard to trust god's plan for my life.

hoping and praying that 2010 is a GREAT, GREAT year for all! :)

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