Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a new years peep

Here are a few pics from my New Year's Eve. I went to Atlanta to visit my old college roommate, Rina. We went to a fancy-schmancy party at the Hyatt Regency.
Getting ready (and another example why you should never take self-portraits)

Happy New Year! (Actually this picture was taken at 9pm but I wanted one with the cute blowers)

Party Hardy! This is me, Jeff (Rina's current beau) and Rina

Sister Hazel was there!

So much fun!

Capped off the weekend with a girl's dinner.

Highlights of the Weekend:
-Got to hang out with a lot of cool doctors
-Getting dressed up
-Shopped at Lenox mall! I died.
-Some man at the mall trying to buy Rina's shoes off her for $60
-Standing outside Majestic Diner at 3:30 in the morning because Rina had to have eggs

-The freezing cold
-Trying to catch a cab in the freezing cold for an hour while wearing a mini-dress and NO tights.
-Ending up in a "fake" cab
-Being asked to give someone a kiss since they took a picture for me (favors are pricey these days)...and in case you're wondering my answer was a "I'd rather take it myself"
-Completely losing my voice...the most unfortunate happening of the entire weekend

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