Tuesday, January 26, 2010

little hangup

i've started noticing odd little habits about myself. like, i check the locks on the door three times before i go to bed. top to bottom, bottom to top, top to bottom again. i prefer to chew at least two sticks of gum at a time (don't really know how i developed this habit). or the fact that it bothers me to have the windows down when driving.

i also have this odd little hangup when i go grocery shopping. i can't buy just one thing. worse yet, i can't buy just matching items - like cereal and milk or bread and cheese. i have an odd fear that the cashier will judge me - like they know that the only reason i'm buying oreos is because i fully intend on having six in place of a regular dinner. so i tend to throw a magazine or gum or some random fruit in to my grocery mix.

well last night i decided to overcome my hangup. i walked right into the local market and picked up a box of cocoa puffs and a gallon of skim milk. daring right? probably one of the most obvious combos of "matching foods." i bypassed the gum aisle and fruit stands, scoped out the tabloid covers and even hesitated in front of the bread stand but i passed them all, laying my two items on the conveyer belt.

the manager who is always in there, walked over to bag my conspicuous food partners and then he looked up at me and said "cereal's on the menu for tonight?" i was caught. the grocery store manager was totally judging for me not having a dinner of protein, starches and carbs. just sugar and carbs! i giggled nervously and said "haha yep." he went further as to judge my cereal choice! "cocoa puuuuuufs?" he said in his spanish accent. "it's a good one!" i said, defending my chocolately balls of yumminess. yes it's no shredded wheat or heart-healthy, cholesterol-lowering cheerios but i'd had a long day and all i really wanted was a bowl of cereal for dinner! i thanked him for bagging my items and hit the door.

when i got home, i decided to slice a banana and throw it on top of my puffs. uumm, if the grocery store man could see me now - yes my dinner was mostly chocolate but there was also some fruit and protein (if you count the milk which turned a delicious shade of mocha!)

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