Wednesday, January 13, 2010

get with it

i'm so frustrated with myself right now. how can i let an 18-month issue bother me? allow it to sit and rest in my mind? allow it to greet me in the morning before i've even pulled the covers off? allow it to make me cry more than i will ever admit?

seriously, i know it's time to get with it and get over it. you know how sometimes you want to be upset because it just feels like it will help the situation? i stopped wanting to be upset a long time ago. sadly my heart didn't agree with that decision. i've relied on "it gets easier with time" and finally decided that works about as good as a bikini in a snowstorm.

i know there's lots of things to insert here about having faith and being content and praying but i don't want to think about that right now. because i already know those things are true. and i know that at some point contentment is a decision you have to make and not something you fall into to.

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