Monday, December 21, 2009

it doesn't really feel like christmas this year. in fact, i can't believe christmas is THIS week!

i realized this year, that there are a lot of things that make christmas "feel" like christmas

-getting and decorating a tree
-being so excited to see someone's reaction to opening a gift you could almost split your pants
-christmas parties
-cuddling on the couch watching christmas movies and eating calorie-loaded things
-baking christmas cookies
-[worry-free] time off from work
-after-christmas sales and shopping
-christmas music everywhere

christmas really snuck up on me this year and it makes me kind of sad. i love this holiday and i think it's been such a stressful month that a lot of the christmasy things didn't happen. two more days of work (for which i'm thankful for) and then some time with the family that i'm going to try really hard to enjoy...and not worry. ;-)

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