Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm too busy dreaming

I am in a rut.

Granted (and thankfully) this rut has been blissfully broken recently by a visit from my best friend, a restaurant grand opening...fancy! a magazine party and the promise of a halloween weekend in charleston.

But despite all these little wonderful the "grand scheme" I'm in a rut. The worries are still there (even though it's useless to worry about them), the fears are still all-consuming at times and those pesky five pounds refuse to dislodge themselves from my thighs.

Days like today can most accurately be described as "distracted." I'm physically at work but my mind is a thousand other places. It's scouting blogs, it's playing "what if" scenarios about tonight and dreaming of "what could be's" with people I don't even know yet.

My mind is whirling about a million different things: work: losing work, new work; relationships - old ones, new ones?, friends, babies, timelines (and not the kind I should be thinking about like wrapping that story up that's sitting on my desktop) and whether to bring cookies or chips to the tailgate this weekend.

I'm thinking of ways to escape the trap of this 80's den I call my office with its wrinkly carpet and mismatched artwork. I realize the solution is not always in a new location but I think everyone needs a "fresh slate" every now and again. Even though there are certainly things to be accomplished today, I feel too busy dreaming to be concerned...

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