Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I want my own central perk

In most all the blogs I follow, the authors tend to muse on things to or from their local coffee shop. Not that I'm a huge coffee drinker and not that I dislike Starbucks at all but I think I'd like to have a common stop on my way to work - a little local hot spot. A place to make easier decisions in the morning ("should i get the cheese streudel or be good today?"). Maybe this is part of my island clausterphobia - feeling literally stuck can make any girl crave what may seem like the most ridiculous habit. Sure, I could get in my car and drive down the street over to the publix parking lot and hop into the starbucks but somehow, that just doesn't seem like it will suffice today.

Today I want my own central perk, a quint little coffee shop I can walk to. I don't care if they know my name or remember what my "usual" is. I just want to be surrounded by over-stuffed chairs dressed in funky prints and cases of bagels, streudels and muffins staring back at me and drinks carefully decorated with melted whipped cream designs served in heavy, mismatched, glossy mugs.

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