Friday, October 30, 2009


I've long thought that after I had kids I'd want to keep a part-time job. Though my mom was a "stay-at-homer," it's what she'd always wanted. Of course I'll want to stay with my kids when they're babies but I think once they go to school, I'll want something to keep me busy too.

Keeping a part-time job in public relations is hard because client's needs are full time. It's hard to be good when you never know when you'll be needed. PR is a 24-7 type of job - not easily transitional to part-time.

Then I thought about my move into sonography - always an option. I'm in love with sonography and really want to make that career move. The only downfall I see is that I might want a creative outlet - PR is really a creative outlet despite people who think it's a fluff job consisting of looking cute and going to parties. I can assure you it's not - at least my kind. So sonography is always an option but....

Today it hit me! One of my clients is a florist (or at least one of the business I'm trying to secure as a client). I always look forward to when I have to make business trips down there. The showroom is filled with twinkly lights and always smells delightful with whatever fragrance is coinciding with the current season. Today was no different. Being a day away from halloween, there were flowers in funky shapes filling the showroom in every shade of orange, yellow and even black imaginable. And to top it off, they were serving caramel apples with green and purple frosting.

And then I had it. In between prying my top and bottom teeth apart from the caramel, I realized that a florist is the perfect mommmy job - flexible hours, holiday spirit year-round and low-pressure. (even though I'v never been a fan of no-pressure jobs. A little bit of pressure is good motivation.)

The problem with this is my black thumb and minimal knowledge of anything floral. Looks like I have something new to study!

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