Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Beautiful Dropkick

BY: It's Like, I'm...MMMagic!

It surprises me when I discover I am loved.

That sounds silly doesn’t? As though one should take for granted being loved as easy as one takes for granted air or space or the continued beat of their own heart despite a deep rooted love for corn dogs.

But it surprises me to discover I am loved.

When the words leave someone else and are shot straight to me- like a rubber band filled with nervous excitement, ” I love you“, three words that light up even the darkest night, I find that I have no room to be delighted- pure shock invades me right down to my toes.

Of course afterwards, there’s delight- a strange sensation, a beautiful dropkick right to your very core. Not just a single butterfly floating in your stomach, or even a dozen, but an explosion of butterflies in every color that flap their wings every time you recall his words. Words that leave you breathless and exhausted and very, very happy.

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