Friday, August 7, 2009

Thought Book

Starting when I was about 13 I've kept a journal. I had this wierd fear that I would forget things I wanted to remember about my life when I got older. So I documented everything. Around sophomore/junior year of college I got burnt out - I was overloaded with school and had a lot of stuff going on personally - a lot of stuff I didn't want to my journaling got abandoned.

It wasn't until last summer that I began journaling again. Writing has always been a good way for me to get out my thoughts and emotions (same with running when I REALLY need to get out some emotions or go for a long think). But instead of documenting every thing about my life, I got inspired by how Jessica Simpson keeps a journal. She has a book she keeps with her at all times and she writes in it just whatever she wants - sometimes it's song lyrics, sometimes it's Bible verses, sometimes it's a to do list and sometimes it's a full-blown traditional journal entry. So I'm almost at the end of my "thought book" and it looks worlds different from the 20 or so neatly printed journals of my past. This one has paper-clipped notes and lyrics and lists and sticky notes coming out of it and if you were to read it - it probably makes no sense. It's the ugliest journal I've ever had - plain brown "organic" paper - no cute Barnes & Noble patterned book w/spiral and magnetic flap...but, it's probably one of my favorites b/c it is so eclectic.....

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Katie said...

I love this so much. Do you still journal like this?