Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, I posted the last post of "Where is x" because I thought it was funny but, after attending my first physics class last night, it might not be that funny to me anymore!

First of all, this physics is high school AP physics - WHO is breeding children this smart? I want to know. I am the only non-engineer in the class. I definitely stood out like a sore thumb. I came straight from work so there I am in my beady hoop earrings, ruffle shirt and crocodile heels among everyone else in jorts (jean shorts) and socks and tennies. There were two girls but they were definitely the Elmo shirt and jeans type and not very friendly.

I'm used to PR classes. Communication classes. Where everyone is outgoing and friendly and the first day of class is spent with introductions and what's your major and you look all cute. Not this class. We got there and it was like "Put on your goggles and let's start throwing balls and meausring things!"

I was SO lost needless to say. We had lab safety review and lab safety test (which I aced by the way) and then TWO labs - on the first day! The first involved all kinds of equipment and we had to walk at different paces and predict a curve and then document the actual curve. Is it a problem if you don't even know what the professor is asking you to do or if you have no idea what the equipment he's using is called. I did the whole hover in the corner to see what people were grabbing and then went and got the appropriat tools. "Goggles" and "ruler" were the only familiar tools I used last night!

Thankfully someone was willing to pair with me for lab. I instantly had flashbacks of church softball and being the last one picked for teams!(I've since accepted my complete lack of athletic ability but I'm definitely going to need someone smart to want to partner with me for lab.) I still haven't disclosed that I'm in PR. I figure I need to establish an "I'm not a complete idiot reputation" for the first couple of classes before I let on. Either that or maybe carry my transcripts around and casually drop them so they can see I really do care about grades!

So tonight I have to attempt to write a summary on whatever it was with the curves we did in labs - something about patterns. I hope "it curves up" and "it curves down" is descriptive enough!

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Kayla said...

Ha ha! sorry you had to go through that. Just remember its not a crime to be smart AND stylish!!